PPDMS Features

Manage Your Policies and Procedures with the Power of a Database
The PPDMS is based on a simple hierarchy. The tree structure makes it easy to organize and reorganize your content with a simple click and drag. In the screen capture below you can see the main elements: Manual, Sections, Items and Item Preview. Manuals are at the highest level. Your can see the PACS Policy Manual in the upper left portion of the screen. You can add other manuals to the PPDMS. The second level is Categories. This area contains the title of your sections and subsections of the manual. You can create multiple levels and use click and drag to organize your content. The third level is Items. Items contain your text content. Using the basic text editor, you can quickly edit the PACS Manual template with your customized content. Lastly there's the Item Preview that displays the item content.

Quickly Find Important Procedures and Instructions
PPDMS has a great search and drill down feature. In the screen capture below we searched in the PACS Policy Manual for the term "downtime." All the items within the template that mention downtime appear in the search results list. You can drill down into each of the items to view or edit the content. Finding and editing information becomes much quicker than a paper-based document!

Print Your Procedures
You can also print a paper version. Below is a print preview screen capture of the Patient Merge procedure.

Reports That Give You More Control
The PPDMS provides two reports that help you manage your policy and procedure content: The Items Addition Report and the Attachments Addition Report. The Items Addition Report shown below gives you a record of items, when they were added, and when they were last edited. The Attachments Addition Report lists all of the documents that have been attached to your items. You can attach any type of file as supporting information to your content.

Other Features of PPDMS


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