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Digital Acquisition: CR and DR

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1. CD training courses are designed for PCs running Windows. They will not run on Apple computers running Mac OS.
2. Software is licensed to an individual to be used on a computer/laptop. For the purpose of a crash or new computer purchase we allow for 3 activations.
3. Since we cannot check whether or not you successfully completed a course, we will not provide a certificate of completion.

Product Code: UP-203cdr

(Running time: 1 hour 3 minutes) This module describes the Computerized and Digital Radiography (CR/DR) technology, including the detector technology. The workflow, which is significantly different than when using conventional film-screen radiography, is explained, issues are listed and reference is made to its productivity impact. Interfacing these devices is not always trivial using the DICOM communication standard and there has to be caution about using the correct DICOM services and content of the image information, which could impact image quality. The latter is explained in the context of the imaging pipeline. Advantages and differences between the two technologies as well as trends are mentioned.

Last but not least the course shows the actual workflow and equipment in an institution that uses CR and DR technology, in this case, the VA Medical Center in Houston. This module will provide a good description for potential users such as technologists, people that have to manage these systems such as System Administrators and radiology administrators, and anyone else wanting to know about this new digital technology (implementers, support personnel, etc).

Minimum Requirements:  Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7, 233MHz Intel Pentium II processor, 64MB of RAM, 800x600 video display, IE 5.0, 16-bit sound card, and Windows Media Player


CIIP Study Guide - $135
HL7 Study Guide - $119
PACS Clinical Package - $595
PACS IT Package - $595

Training Schedule

SEP 25-26
Comprehensive HL7 (V2)

SEP 27-29
Comprehensive DICOM Certification

OCT 2-3
Fundamentals of Clinical and IT (PARCA CPAS)

OCT 4-7
PACS System Administration

OCT 16
Module 1: DICOM Negotiation and Image Objects

OCT 17
Module 2: DICOM Communication Services and SR

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