Track 2C: Advanced DICOM Troubleshooting

Product code: SP-149

The Healthcare Imaging and Informatics Symposium has two simultaneous tracks, i.e. a Healthcare Imaging (PACS) and a Healthcare Standards (DICOM/HL7/IHE) track. In case you have acquired basic knowledge through experience or prior training, you can skip the first two days for each track and/or cross over to the other track.

This Healthcare Standards track contains a two day HL7 version 2 training followed by a one day seminar on the new FHIR HL7 standard and a two day advanced DICOM/HL7 troubleshooting class.

Your Instructor

Your instructor is Herman Oosterwijk ( who is a well know teacher, author and consultant for health care imaging and IT and taught thousands of students on this subject over the past 20 years in many regions including the USA, Latin America Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


The intended audience is PACS administrators, service and support engineers, interface analysts, project managers and software engineers.

Contents & Schedule

Day 4: DICOM/HL7 troubleshooting

Day 5: DICOM troubleshooting and validation

What Is Included

Upcoming Classes

There are no seminars currently scheduled.

Note: In the unlikely event that OTech has to cancel this class, registrants will be refunded 50% of the seminar cost. Registrants will be entitled to keep all training materials sent to them for study prior to the class.


CIIP Study Guide - $135
HL7 Study Guide - $115
PACS Clinical Package - $595
PACS IT Package - $595

Training Schedule

OCT 5-7
Comprehensive DICOM Certification

OCT 8-9
Comprehensive HL7: V2 and FHIR

PACS On-line Core Essentials

NOV 10
HL7 v2 On-line Core Essentials

NOV 11
DICOM On-line Core Essentials

NOV 12
HL7 FHIR On-line Core Essentials

Click here to view entire training schedule.

Tips & Tricks

Click here to view the latest video regarding the DICOM sniffer.

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