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DICOM Certification Package

Product Code: P-122

This package includes all of the courses that you need to prepare you for the PARCA CPAS Clinical, IT and System Administration online courses as well as the applicable Study Guides for one discounted price.

This package includes:
DICOM Introduction, Data Formats and Protocol (OUD-101)
DICOM Services, Commands and Conformance (OUD-102)
DICOM Workflow Management and Structured Reports (OUD-103)
DICOM Image Quality, Networking and Troubleshooting (OUD-104)
CDIP certification Study Guide (UB-212)
DICOM Basics B-105

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DICOM Introduction, Data Formats and Protocol

Product Code: OUD-101

This course provides an introduction to the DICOM standard by providing an overview of the different components of the DICOM standard, i.e. the image communication, image and information management and image quality. It shows how the DICOM headers are broken down and how they are encoded into the different Attribute tags. The DICOM protocol and commands are explained and the image objects are covered in detail.

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DICOM Services, Commands and Conformance

Product Code: OUD-102

This course covers the different DICOM exchange protocol services, as well as the different services to be used for input and output of images on different media, such as paper, film and electronic media. The student will also be able to identify typical errors that might frequently occur when trying to import images from electronic media. And you will be able to analyze conformance statements for potential interoperability issues.

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DICOM Workflow Management and Structured Reports

Product Code: OUD-103

This course will help you identify which services are needed to support an efficient workflow, how to interpret Structured reports such as used for measurements, and how to establish the correct workflow to facilitate CAD processing. It will also cover the DICOM information model with regard to scheduled and performed procedures.

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DICOM Image Quality, Networking and Troubleshooting

Product Code: OUD-104

This course covers the Pixel pipeline, fusion and registration. It also discusses overlays, greyscale and color, blended and extensions to presentations states. We will discuss, compression, networking, addressing, configuration management and security. Lastly, you will learn about troubleshooting, active and passive test tools such as sniffers and validators, and adding a new modality.

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DICOM Packages

1. CD training courses are designed for PCs running Windows. They will not run on Apple computers running Mac OS.
2. Software is downloadable immediately after purchase and can be activated up to 3 times.
3. Since we cannot check whether or not you successfully completed a course, we will not provide a certificate of completion.

DICOM Basics

Product Code: P-114

This package contains both parts of the DICOM Basics online training from OTechU.

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CIIP Study Guide - $135
HL7 Study Guide - $119
PACS Clinical Package - $595
PACS IT Package - $595

Training Schedule

NOV 20
DICOM Core Essentials

NOV 21
HL7 Core Essentials

NOV 22
IHE/XDS Core Essentials

NOV 29
PACS Core Essentials

DEC 4-5
Comprehensive HL7 (V2)

DEC 6-8
Comprehensive DICOM Certification

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Tips & Tricks

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