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Healthcare IT Fundamentals

Product Code: OUT-101

This course will assist in helping you be able to identify the major hardware components and their peripherals that are involved with the healthcare IT information systems, as well as distinguish between the different software layers and applications.

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Healthcare IT Infrastructure

Product Code: OUT-102

This course will assist in helping you be able to identify and implement the various security mechanisms, as well as perform basic network troubleshooting tasks. You will also learn how to use the different pixel annotations in binary and hexadecimal encoding.

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Clinical Anatomy and Systems

Product Code: OUC-101

This course will assist in helping you be able to identify the major body parts that make up each body system, as well as understand clinical terminology when discussing with medical professionals the issues with healthcare technology. You will also learn how to relate diseases to the corresponding body part and function.

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Medical Imaging Technology

Product Code: OUC-102

This course will assist in helping you be able to recognize the different imaging technologies by looking at the images, as well as understand the technology for each modality that is used to create medical images. You will also learn how to use the appropriate medical terms, including those related to patient orientation.

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Workflow and Digital Radiography

Product Code: OUC-103

This course will assist in helping you be able to distinguish between the Computerized and (direct) Digital Radiography (CR/DR), as well as understand the advantages for both CR and DR technology. You will also get an understand of typical workflows for radiology and the most common other specialties using imaging technology.

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Introduction to Medical Digital Imaging

Product Code: OUP-101

This course discusses the various medical image types, characteristics, and issues. The acquired knowledge is important for people that work in the medical imaging domain and do not have good understanding and appreciation of the complexity of this matter, or for people that want to get into the medical field and need to get a basic understanding of this subject.

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Introduction to PACS

Product Code: OUP-102

This module is an introduction to the major Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) components. This course is beneficial for anyone who wants to learn about PACS, especially the support people such as system administrators and service, but also people involved with the potential purchase or even implementation and deployment of these type of systems.

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Health Imaging and IT Standards

Product Code: OUP-106

This course consists of lessons on healthcare standards, HL7, the DICOM protocol and encoding. We will discuss various DICOM services and Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise or IHE specifications. We will discuss what IHE is all about and the most important integration profiles for IHE and radiology.

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PACS Workflow

Product Code: OUP-204

This course covers why it is critical to do a PACS workflow assessment, what it is all about, and what the components are. Workflow tools are shown with illustrations followed by several radiology scenarios such as ER, teleradiology general radiology and ICU. This is followed by teaching files and how they are maintained as well as clinical trials where specific information needs to be recorded with the images before they are sent to the clinical trial center. Lastly, the impact of importing and exporting media, such as CDs and films is covered.

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CIIP Study Guide - $135
HL7 Study Guide - $119
PACS Clinical Package - $595
PACS IT Package - $595

Training Schedule

MAY 21-22
Fundamentals of Clinical and IT (PARCA CPAS)

MAY 23-26
PACS System Administration

JUL 16
PACS Core Essentials

JUL 17
DICOM Core Essentials

JUL 18
HL7 v2 Core Essentials

JUL 19
IHE/XDS Core Essentials

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