PACS 510(k) Filing Client List

Company Product Name 510(k) # Date
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden Mod to IDS5 Workstation K051315 06/15/2005
Cymed Engineering, Korea ESSENPACS K051081 05/12/2005
Real Time Image Inc. USA IPACS Prism 5.0 Mammo K050298 02/28/2005
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden IDS5 Workstation K050195 02/24/2005
Medison Co. Ltd. SA8000 se Ultrasound System K043455 12/21/2004
3mensio Medical Imaging, Germany 3viseon K043097 11/19/2004
Real Time Image Inc. USA IPACS Cardio K042781 11/19/2004
WIDE Corporation - Korea WIDE 1MP LCD Monitor System K042634 10/08/2004
CoACTIV USA Exam PACS K042647 10/07/2004
ICM Co. Ltd.- Korea UbiPACS K042507 09/27/2004
Dynamic Imaging USA INTEGRADWeb K042313 09/09/2004
Medical Standard Co. Korea PACSPartner K042311 09/09/2004
Infinitt Co. Ltd. Korea RapidiaColon K041761 07/13/2004
Infinitt Co. Ltd. Korea StarPACS Orthopedics Sys K041500 06/21/2004
Real Time Image Inc. USA IPACS Ortho K041366 06/08/2004
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden IDS5 MRP PACS K040376 05/04/2004
Neobit Co. Ltd MediPACS K040486 03/11/2004
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden Angiography Package K034059 03/09/2004
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden IDS5 Image Workstation K033712 12/23/2003
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden IDS5 Image Workstation v10.1 K033088 10/29/2003
INTELERAD Systems - Canada INTELEPACS K032533 10/16/2003
WIDE Corporation - Korea WIDE 2MP TFT LCD Monitor Sys K022960 10/08/2003
CSIST - Taiwan 3D in VIVO K031567 10/02/2003
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden Sectra Orthopedic Package K031590 10/02/2003
Rattan Information Corporation - Taiwan IMACS System K032176 09/25/2003
Planar Systems Inc. - USA DOME CX Digital Flat Panel Sys K032638 09/11/2003
WIDE Corporation - Korea WIDE 3MP TFT LCD Monitor Sys K032174 07/24/2003
WIDE Corporation - Korea WIDE 5MP TFT LCD Monitor Sys K031929 07/08/2003
Medison Co., Ltd - Korea SonoView Pro K031886 06/30/2003
Dynamic Imaging, Inc. - USA INTEGRAD web K031311 06/20/2003
Real Time Image Inc. - USA IPACS prism K030751 05/29/2003
Infinitt Co., Ltd. - Korea StarPACS System K031013 04/17/2003
MEDICAL STANDARD CO., LTD, Korea PACSPlus System K023460 01/09/2003
Global Care Solutions, S.A. Luxemburg AMALGA System K023246 12/23/2002
MEVISYS CO., LTD, Korea VOXELPLUS PACS K022692 10/11/2002
Taiwan Electronic Data Processing Corp. SMARTPACS K022710 10/11/2002
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden OSTEOPOROSIS System K021527 06/07/2002
CSIST - Taiwan CSIST DICOM Gateway/Image Manager K012327 12/20/2001
MAROTECH, INC, Korea MAROSIS PACS K012844 11/08/2001
MEDIFACE CO., LTD, Korea MEDIFACE PACS K010259 04/26/2001
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden IDS5 Image Display System Modification K002936 10/17/2000
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden IDS5 Image Display System K001140 05/03/2000
SAMSUNG SDS CO., LTD, Korea 10DR IMPLANT K002062 10/13/1999
SAMSUNG SDS CO., LTD, Korea RAYPAX Display System K992306 09/22/1999
SAMSUNG SDS CO., LTD, Korea RAYPAX Long Term Archive K992131 09/13/1999
SAMSUNG SDS CO., LTD, Korea RAYPAX Film Digitizer K992112 09/09/1999
SAMSUNG SDS CO., LTD, Korea RAYPAX SYSTEM K991537 07/06/1999
SEIKO INSTRUMENTS, INC. - Japan COLORPOINT 1720 Medical Imager & Video Capture K991282 06/30/1999
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden IDS4 V3.2 Images Display System K991643 06/08/1999
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden WISE (II) Image Management System K983447 10/29/1998
OLICON IMAGING SYSTEM, USA PACS 02-RAYTEL Workstation K973959 12/22/1997
OLICON IMAGING SYSTEM, USA PACS Gateway K973793 12/17/1997
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden IDS4 Image System Display System Series K971368 06/26/1997
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden SMIIC (Medical Image Input Controller) K965161 03/12/1997
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden Imageserver 2000 K963395 10/25/1996
SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Sweden TRS 2000 Teleradiology Sys K961983 08/13/1996

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PACS Clinical Package - $595
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NOV 14-17
PACS System Administration

Module 1: DICOM Negotiation and Image Objects

Module 2: DICOM Communication Services and SR

Module 3: Image quality, DICOM Web and Troubleshooting

Module 4: Compression, Media, Conformance

FEB 25-26
Fundamentals of Clinical and IT (PARCA CPAS)

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