OTech seminars range from general to technical understanding of the DICOM, HL7, and IHE standards, hands-on troubleshooting classes for PACS clinical and IT training for PACS admnistrators, EHR, certification preparation for PARCA and CIIP training, and regulatory workshops dealing with US FDA requirements for medical manufacturers and 510(k) filings. We can also develop a specialized and dedicated training program that meets your specific requirements based on your products, environment or target audience.

Face-to-face Courses Offered

4-Day PACS Advanced DICOM Package
Advanced DICOM, HL7 and IHE seminar
Advanced PACS
Advanced PACS, DICOM, HL7 Troubleshooting
Comprehensive DICOM Certification
Comprehensive HL7 (V2)

Fundamentals of Clinical & IT (PARCA CPAS)

Healthcare Imaging (PACS) Track
Healthcare IT Standard Fundamentals
Healthcare Standards (DICOM/HL7/IHE) Track
IHE (XDS) Implementation Boot Camp
IHE Seminar
Introduction to HL7 (V2)
Introduction to PACS, DICOM, HL7
PACS and DICOM, HL7, IHE Fundamentals
PACS Bootcamp
PACS Certification (CPAS) Boot camp

PACS Certification (PARCA CPAS2014)

PACS Certification and Advanced Training

PACS System Administration
Track 1A: PACS Certification
Track 1B: PACS Advanced
Track 1C: Healthcare IT Project Mgt
Track 2A: HL7 version 2
Track 2B: HL7 FHIR
Track 2C: Advanced DICOM Troubleshooting
VNA Implementation Requirements and Lessons Learned

On-line Courses Offered

DICOM Certification Bootcamp (ONLINE ONLY)
DICOM Core Essentials (ONLINE ONLY)
DICOM On-line Training (ONLINE ONLY)
HL7 Core Essentials (ONLINE ONLY)
IHE/XDS Core Essentials (ONLINE ONLY)
Module 1: DICOM Negotiation and Image Objects (ONLINE ONLY)
Module 2: DICOM Communication Services and SR (ONLINE ONLY)
Module 3: Image quality, DICOM Web and Troubleshooting (ONLINE ONLY)
Module 4: Compression, Media, Conformance (ONLINE ONLY)
PACS Core Essentials (ONLINE ONLY)

Off-site Training

Our seminars are characterized by farily small sizes (max 15 attendees, but typically 7-10), include a lot of hands-on exercises (computers provided), and being very interactive. The format of these seminars is always in conference style seating, in order to provide maximum opportunity for interaction between students and instructors. These seminars are held in the DFW metroplex within easy reach of the airport. You are responsible for making your own hotel reservation; it would be convenient to stay in the same location where the seminar is being held.

In case your schedule or travel restrictions do not allow you to travel to attend our face-to-face semniars, you might want to check our self study options.

Click here for our training schedule and pricing.

On-site Training

OTech can also provide on-site (in-house) training. On-site training is typically more cost effective if several people from your organization are going to attend or if you have an urgent need for training on short notice. In addition, we can customize the on-site training to meet your specific needs and requirements by concentrating on those subjects that are particularly of interest and applicable to your application.

On-site Training Pricing

# Days

1-10 Attendees

>10 extra/person

Important Notes:


CIIP Study Guide - $135
HL7 Study Guide - $119
PACS Clinical Package - $595
PACS IT Package - $595

Training Schedule

SEP 25-26
Comprehensive HL7 (V2)

SEP 27-29
Comprehensive DICOM Certification

OCT 2-3
Fundamentals of Clinical and IT (PARCA CPAS)

OCT 4-7
PACS System Administration

OCT 16
Module 1: DICOM Negotiation and Image Objects

OCT 17
Module 2: DICOM Communication Services and SR

Click here to view entire training schedule.

Tips & Tricks

Click here to view the latest video regarding the DICOM sniffer.

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