Self Study/e-Learning

SIIM offers two types of self study programs.

  1. Computer Based Training (CBT) whereby you either download a lesson or optionally run it from a CD on your own computer.
  2. Online Training using the SIIM Learning Managment System where you access the classes offered at our SIIM Training virtual university.
These self study options are great if you want your location, scheduling, and learning pace to meet your individual needs. Because these courses do not involve travel, they are very cost-effective. Note however, that this does not provide the personal interaction needed by some to learn optimally, in which case you might want to check on our face-to-face seminars.

If you are looking to get certified as a PACS administrator, it is suggested you check the accreditation and certification guidelines to find out which online training options are recommended for certain certifications.

CBT Courses

These training courses are designed for PCs running Windows. They will not run on Apple computers running Mac OS.

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SIIM Training Online Courses

  Online Course Packages   DICOM Basics (P-114)   PACS Fundamentals (P-116)   Study Groups   Many distance learning students miss the regular interaction, self-discipline and peer pressure that come from meeting face-to-face with their class mates, especially when preparing for a certification exam. For this reason we’ve created online study groups. Students participating in these groups review and discuss the course materials on a common schedule using a study guide developed by our faculty, all under the guidance of an expert mentor. Click for more information.

For other self study tools, you might want to check the following resources: Study Guides, Study Groups & Books. Note that many of these are included as part of the CD based packages.


CIIP Study Guide - $120
HL7 Study Guide - $115
PACS Clinical Package - $550
PACS IT Package - $550

Training Schedule

JUL 17-20
DICOM Certification (PARCA CDIP) Bootcamp

JUL 24
PACS Online Core Essentials

JUL 25
DICOM Online Core Essentials

JUL 26
HL7 v2 Online Core Essentials

JUL 27
HL7 FHIR Online Core Essentials

Click here to view entire training schedule.

Tips & Tricks

Click here to view the latest video regarding the DICOM sniffer.

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