DICOM Basics, Fourth Edition - Electronic Version

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This is the electronic version of our DICOM Basics, Third Edition Book. Learning about DICOM is like learning another language. When you are not familiar with that language, you don't understand what people talk about. The objective of the "DICOM Basics" book is to break down the language barrier that exists between the providers of the equipment that have DICOM functionality, its features ranging from very simple to a full range of sophisticated services, and the user community.

In addition, one will understand what the basic components are of this communications standard so that one can determine the impact of this standard on the operation in an institution. Based on the objective description above, it should be clear that this book is a must for everyone who is involved with the specification and implementation of a Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) in an institution. That includes IT personnel, biomedical engineers, physicists, radiology administrators, chief technologists, and personnel from radiology, cardiology, etc.

This third edition is improved by adding several clarifications and figures based on feedback from our readers. It is updated with the latest additions to the DICOM standard, including the 2004 printed version and any changes that have been made as far as spring 2005. It has 50 more pages of information compared with version 2, and has more details on Structured Report extensions, additions for clinical trials, color consistency, web access to DICOM objects and configuration management.

The author is Herman Oosterwijk, MSc, MBA, who has been involved with the DICOM standardization effort since its inception in 1983 as the ACR-NEMA standard. Herman Oosterwijk has trained thousands of people around the world on the subject of DICOM. His book is based on his teaching experience and the many classes and seminars.

This book is not intended to be a comprehensive handbook or programmers guide for DICOM software implementers, nor is it intended to be a "DICOM for Dummies", i.e. provide a simple user guide for every DICOM related question. It is rather a simple reference for people who like to understand the basics of the Digital Imaging and Communications (DICOM) standard. Happy reading!

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