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Hospital Simulator

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What is the Hospital Simulator?á
The Hospital Simulator is a combination of licensed software, open source tools, image test set, test transactions (orders and results), and a set of lab exercises which allow you to gain experience supporting a PACS system and its integration using DICOM and HL7. These tools create a "virtual hospital environment" which can be used as a test bed and training environment. This starter kit is useful for anyone seeking a career into the healthcare imaging and IT field and wanting to get hands-on experience, including students in the medical informatics and related fields.

What is the Hospital Simulator NOT?
Remember that this is test environment and should NOT be used for any medical diagnostic purposes as does not have any regulatory approvals.

What does it contain?
  1. A license for a CPOE simulator (OT-SEND)
  2. A license for a modality simulator (OT-DICE)
  3. A copy of the PACS, DICOM and HL7 ebooks
  4. Hands-on Student Lab Workbook
  5. A copy of an open source PACS system
  6. A copy of an open source viewer
  7. A library of test images
  8. A library of test transactions
  9. Installation instructions


CIIP Study Guide - $120
HL7 Study Guide - $115
PACS Clinical Package - $550
PACS IT Package - $550

Training Schedule

OCT 5-6
PACS On-line Certification (PARCA CPAS) Bootcamp

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Tips & Tricks

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