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Introduction to PACS

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Course Objectives
You will be able to:
Skills Taught
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Course Contents

Lesson 1: PACS Definition, Functionality, and Major Building Blocks
This lesson covers the definition of the PACS system, its functionality and major building blocks. After this lesson you will be able to: Lesson 2: PACS Core
This lesson discusses the PACS Core or "backbone," also known as the image manager/archive, workflow manager and network. After this lesson you will be able to: Lesson 3: Display/Print
This lesson discusses PACS image displays and printing capabilities and features. After this lesson you will be able to: Lesson 4: Commercial Vendors
This lesson discusses some of the vendors who provide PACS systems. After this lesson you will be able to:


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Training Schedule

FEB 7-10
DICOM On-line Certification Bootcamp

MAR 21-23
PACS System Admin Online Cert. (PARCA CPSA) Bootcamp

PACS On-line Core Essentials

DICOM On-line Core Essentials

HL7 v2 On-line Core Essentials

HL7 FHIR On-line Core Essentials

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