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HL7® Certification Package

Product Code: P-123

This package includes all of the courses that you need to prepare you for the HL7® certification. It has the two applicable online courses for one discounted price and also provides the applicable Study Guide and text book.

This package includes:
Overview of HL7® Version 2 (OUH-101)
Advanced Functions HL7® Version 2 (OUH-102)
HL7® Certification Study Guide (UB-207)
HL7® Messaging Book (B-112)

* Course availability will be for nine (9) months after purchase date.

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Overview of the Enterprise and HL7 Version 2

Product Code: OUH-101

This course will assist in helping you be able to distinguish between the different versions of HL7, as well as identify the different segments in a message and trigger events in the message. You will also be able to differentiate between the two acknowledgement modes.

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Advanced Functions HL7 Version 2

Product Code: OUH-102

This course will give you an understanding of Order messages and the role of the order placer and filler, as well as identify what belongs in the ORC and OBR order segments. It will also give you an understanding of the impact of any of the patient corrections, such as merge, move, updates and changes.

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HL7 Seminars

Comprehensive HL7®: V2 and FHIR®

Product Code: SH-104

You will get a basic understanding of the HL7® version 2 and FHIR standard and learn to generate and troubleshoot HL7® messages using a simple but powerful software tool. Much of the operation of a healthcare enterprise relies on administrative and/or order information generated by HL7® messages. In addition, results captured as part of the Electronic Patient Record also depend on imaging as a source for their information. Therefore, all relevant HL7® messages will be explained in detail using a real-life scenario. Several transactions from the IHE technical framework will be described as well


HL7® v2 On-line Core Essentials

Product Code: WH-101

This high paced web-based seminar teaches the essential components of the HL7® Version 2.


Introduction to HL7 (V2)

Product Code: SH-107

This is especially useful for implementers, service/support engineers, and system administrators. Not only will you get an introduction of the HL7 standard, you will get to do hands-on exercises and look at messaging.


HL7 FHIR Fundamentals

Product Code: WH-102

This seminar teaches the fundamental components of the HL7 FHIR standard.


HL7® FHIR® On-line Core Essentials

Product Code: WH-103

This high paced web-based seminar provides an introduction to the HL7® FHIR® standard.


HL7® v2/FHIR® On-line Core Essentials

Product Code: WH-104

This high paced web-based seminar teaches the essential core components of the HL7® Version 2 and FHIR® standard.


Advanced Training on Cyber Security and AI

Product Code: WH-105

This high paced advanced web-based seminar teaches cyber security and AI essentials.


HL7 eBooks

Note: All eBooks are compatible with Microsoft Windows only and require Adobe Flash. eBooks are not your familiar electronic files such as .doc or .pdf, but instead, we use a customized reader that is developed for eBooks. It allows for easy indexing and browsing as well as provides a mechanism for us to license it. Therefore, it won't be easy printable, except for doing a "print-screen"; it is specifically intended to be softcopy viewing only such as on a computer. The major application for eBooks is for people who need access to these resources and can't easily carry paper or just don't want to have it around. Another good application is for readers who are based outside the US and therefore have to pay a relatively high cost for shipping these books internationally.

As with any software typical license, the ebook is supposed to be installed on only one computing device. To allow for upgrades, computer crashes, etc. You can activate it more than once, however there is a maximum number of activations configured to avoid piracy and improper usage.

HL7 Messaging, Second Edition - Electronic Version

Product Code: B-112ebk

Note: eBooks do not come with a print feature, are compatible with Microsoft Windows only and require Adobe Flash.This is the electronic edition of our HL7 Messaging, Version 2 Book. The second edition of this book improves on the previous edition in that it is up to date with the most current version (2.5), it is written around a true patient encounter, and also has an additional V2.5 and XML encoding example for lab results.

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HL7 Study Guides

HL7® Study Guide - Electronic Version

Product Code: UB-207ebk

This comprehensive study guide provides professionals with a tool to prepare for the HL7® Version 2 certification exam for up to Version 2.7 as provided by the HL7® organization. This study guide is also included with the self study packages and in addition, is provided when you take one of our on-or off-site classes.

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CIIP Study Guide - $120
HL7 Study Guide - $115
PACS Clinical Package - $550
PACS IT Package - $550

Training Schedule

JAN 10
PACS On-line Core Essentials

JAN 11
DICOM On-line Core Essentials

JAN 12
HL7 v2 On-line Core Essentials

JAN 13
HL7 FHIR On-line Core Essentials

FEB 7-10
DICOM On-line Certification Bootcamp

MAR 21-23
PACS System Admin Online Cert. (PARCA CPSA) Bootcamp

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