We provide instruction on numerous healthcare technology solutions from general overviews to in depth explorations. Our training courses are available through the internet, on CD-ROMS, on and off-site seminars and live web conferences.

Training for EHR, PACS, IHE, DICOM, & HL7

Training Schedule

OTech provides off-site training through public seminars and workshops. The format of these seminars is always in conference style seating, whereby the audience is limited, in order to provide maximum opportunity for interaction between students and instructors. Find out where we will be next.

Seminars for EHR, PACS, IHE, DICOM, & HL7


We provide on-site and off-site seminars for our clients. We can also put a specialized and dedicated training program together that meets your specific requirements based on your products, environment or target audience.

Online Training for EHR, PACS, IHE, DICOM, & HL7

Self Study Training Courses

Our self study training courses are an excellent way to learn. These CBT courses feature interviews with leading standards industry experts as well as in depth looks at locations throughout the country.

Online Training and Exams for EHR, PACS, IHE, DICOM, & HL7


OTechU is our SCORM-compliant Flash-based interactive training environment. The packaged courses allow students to move at their own pace and include activities, quizzes and a final exam. Courses can be taken by individuals or packaged for corporate clients. Corporate clients also have the option to customize courses for their specific needs and can use OTechU to track their employees scores and completion of the courses.

Study Guides for EHR, PACS, IHE, DICOM, & HL7

Study Guides

OTech provides a comprehensive set of study guides that accompany our training classes and provides the highlights of the covered materials, questions, sample tests and essay assignments, including the answers.

Order Form

Order Form

If your office requires a hard copy order form, you can download one here. Please be sure to print legibly in black or blue ink. The form can be faxed to us at (940) 440-9566.

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CIIP Study Guide - $135
HL7 Study Guide - $115
PACS Clinical Package - $595
PACS IT Package - $595

Training Schedule

OCT 5-7
Comprehensive DICOM Certification

OCT 8-9
Comprehensive HL7: V2 and FHIR

PACS On-line Core Essentials

NOV 10
HL7 v2 On-line Core Essentials

NOV 11
DICOM On-line Core Essentials

NOV 12
HL7 FHIR On-line Core Essentials

Click here to view entire training schedule.

Tips & Tricks

Click here to view the latest video regarding the DICOM sniffer.

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